The Edville Gazette Upbraids Hapless Sacks Of Hipster Fluff

Retired Rocker Goes Off His Rocker; Harangues Everyone about Vinyl Records Article by Roy Thomas Padgham
 EDVILLE—As a former recording artist who scaled the heights of Top 40 radio back in the 80s with my outfit Flock Of Men Without Dolby, I can speak with some authority on everything music biz, ranging from substance-fuelled parties […]

The Edville Gazette On Creating Questionable Words

A new low for the Queen’s English, say grammarians Article by Shirley Stickle
 PRAGUE—The Prague Linguistic Circle has declared a day of mourning to commemorate the ascension of the word smishing into the Merriam Webster dictionary. “We cannot abide the legitimization of such a superfluous word,” stated Petr Kaderka the editor-in-chief of the group’s quarterly […]

The Edville Gazette On Advice From Uncle Dickie

How to Bamboozle Your Parents into Giving You More Screen Time Article by Dick Badger
 EDVILLE—Kids, the “experts” are back. You know what that means. In the spring the experts told us—and here I’m quoting one of them—that no one should “fret about allowing their children more screen time than usual.” And that came as […]

The Edville Gazette On Setting A New Standard

Cattle & chickens don’t care Article be Edna Farmer
 EDVILLE—Well, we had a meeting of the full editorial board on Bertie’s patio Wednesday, when the weather was balmy and the sun was high. And Dick came packing steaks and a new promotional gimmick for Edville, saying we couldn’t eat until we’d heard him out on […]

The Edville Gazette On God-Forsaken Eyesores

“We’re loathe to impugn your aesthetic sensibilities… but…”  Article by Edna Farmer EDVILLE—Well, I got an awful lot of mail in response to my piece on cottagers leaving their summer toys piled up all over the place when they bug out for winter. I must have hit a nerve. So I’m going to take up […]

The Edville Gazette On Bulky Return Objects

IKEA’s “Buy Back” Program a Boon for Marriage Counsellors & Truck Enthusiasts Alike Article by Ingmar Grön
 STOCKHOLM—Back in 2019 IKEA announced that it was going to launch a Buy Back initiative that would help its customers “take a stand against excessive consumption.” Since then, the world’s largest furniture manufacturer has taken a sure step […]

The Edville Gazette On Its Origin & Staff

Meet the motley crew responsible for all the laffs You may be wondering; what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is the Edville Gazette? Well, we like to think we’re a pretty great bunch (and so do our subscribers, thank you very much—ed.) but we prefer to let our readers think for themselves. So here’s a […]

The Edville Gazette On Reptilian Tears

From the Archives | Crocodile Rockin’ Article by Shirley Stickle EDVILLE—Well, dear readers, I may not be the largest fan of reptilian pets, especially when they happen to be more on the larger side of life, However, I can’t help but be fascinated by anything evolution hasn’t seemed to touch in millions of years. A […]

The Edville Gazette On Bovines In The Bathroom

Potty Training Cows Mark Scientific Breakthrough Article by Holly Honeychurch Did you know cows can be potty trained as easily as toddlers? Maybe even easier. It’s no bull. Scientists were able to train 11 of 16 cows to use a “Moo Loo” when they had to go. Actually, the cows learn about as quickly as […]

The Edville Gazette On Working A Teenage Scam

Kids’ Corner | The Virtues of Volunteering Article by Dick Badger Now, normally I wouldn’t use the kids’ space to plant an idea in the heads of parents, but when you come up with something this brilliant, which happens to me all the time, as Gazette readers know, well, you have an obligation not to […]