Kids’ Corner | The Virtues of Volunteering

Article by Dick Badger

Now, normally I wouldn’t use the kids’ space to plant an idea in the heads of parents, but when you come up with something this brilliant, which happens to me all the time, as Gazette readers know, well, you have an obligation not to keep it to yourself.

So if you’ve got kids in high school, you know they have to “volunteer” for something like 40 hours just to graduate. And you also know that some kids will only “volunteer” if you threaten to confiscate their phones, and even then they’ll grouse and malinger right to the bitter end.

Now the board-of-ed rules state that when your kid mows your lawn, it’s not volunteering. But if your kid mows your neighbour’s lawn, it’s a boon to humankind and you can log every minute.

So now I’ve got my kid pulling Bertie’s weeds, and Bertie’s kid is mowing my lawn, and Pearl’s kids are baking cookies for Edna’s women’s group, and we’re all living communal like a bunch of hippies.

But it’s the kids who get the biggest payoff, which is they don’t have to actually volunteer to do any actual volunteer work beyond what they’d already be doing because their parents would already be nagging and pestering them to do it anyway.

So that’s why this idea is genius, and why it’s in the kids’ corner, kids.

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