Quinte Compaction Day — Thursday, September 7 — 9 am to 3 pm

Well, we here at the News Now Network don’t know anything about compaction other than that is what happens when you sit on your hat.

But for all the farmers in Northumberland, it’s a big deal.

Running hither and yon over their fields with heavy equipment that’s outfitted with big tires, they are beating down the soil.

According to the industry: “Soil compaction can severely impact the productivity, profitability and environmental consequences of farming today. These impacts include: • Decreased water infiltration • Increased soil erosion • Reduced yield • Reduced nutrient uptake • Increased input cost • Reduced root growth and rooting depth • Reduced water holding capacity • Reduced water and soil quality.”

Farmers have to pay attention. And that is why the Quinte Compaction Day is a real opportunity to explore remedies and best practices.

Location: 2141 Theatre Road South, in between Cobourg and Port Hope

For info, see: https://www.ontariosoilcrop.org/about-us/

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