Violence prevention centre provides help for women in Northumberland

On Wednesday, MPP David Piccini was joined by Nancy Johnston, Executive Director of Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and Elaine Sheppard, Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Regional Board Member to acknowledge $340,400 in grant funding from the Government of Ontario to Cornerstone via the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Through the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund, Ontario supports 295 local non-profits with nearly $31M.

The announcement coincides with the successful completion of a year-long $143,900 Resilient Communities Fund OTF grant, and marks a new, two-year, $196,500 grant from OTF that was just awarded this spring. The Resilient Communities Fund grant program was developed to help non-profit organizations to rebuild and recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

“I am thankful for the Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and the incredible staff who work there providing essential services for women who experience gender-based violence” said MPP David Piccini. “This funding will support Cornerstone’s long-term sustainability and help build resiliency, having a positive impact on the quality of life for all involved.”

During the pandemic, Cornerstone experienced an increase in the demand for its essential services. Cornerstone received its $143,900 grant in April 2022 to help develop an organizational strategic plan, which also involved providing training opportunities for staff focused on complex trauma, non-violent crisis intervention, and resiliency. The grant also helped Cornerstone set up a fundraising technology platform, purchase new computers and assist with key administrative costs as well.

The new Resilient Communities Fund grant from OTF will run for two years and will help Cornerstone to hire a Human Resources Manager who will be able to develop and implement a new strategic plan for recruitment and retention of front line staff, as well as delivering initiatives focused on wellness and staff engagement.

“We are truly appreciative of the positive impact this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant has had, this cannot be overstated,” commented Nancy Johnston, Executive Director of Cornerstone. “Continued education and advancement are crucial to the progress of the organization, with the assistance of the grant, we were able to prioritize training, which allowed us to better serve our community. In addition, Cornerstone was able to increase internal security by upgrading systems which helps us safely advance in an increasingly technological world. Thanks to the Resilient Communities Fund grant, Cornerstone has been able to continue to improve how we provide services to our community, thank you,” continued Nancy Johnston. 

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