New joint collaboration between NHH, Rebound and Community Health Centres

Walk-in counselling services offered through a longstanding partnership between Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) and Rebound Child and Youth Services (RCYS) have expanded with the addition of Community Health Centres of Northumberland (CHCN) in a new joint collaboration.

As a result of this new collaboration—the existing walk-in clinic at NHH’s Community Mental Health Services office will now have increased capacity of service and counselling spaces available during hours of operation.

This expansion will aim at expediting treatment options for individuals, including youth (aged 7-18),who are seeking mental health resources, while eliminating potential barriers to accessing these supports.

Located at 1011 Elgin Street West, Suite 200 in Cobourg, the walk-in clinic will continue to serve adults and youth on Tuesdays (8 AM to 4 PM) and Thursdays (10 AM to6 PM), with no referral required.

Walk-in sessions are booked on a first-come first-served basis. After leaving a message on the walk-in line a staff member from NHH’s Community Mental Health Services team will call the client to determine suitability for walk-in services and book a time slot with one of the therapists

Once confirmed, clients will receive a same-day individual counselling appointment with a counsellor from Northumberland Hills Hospital, Rebound Child & Youth Services, or Community Health Centres of Northumberland.

 Individuals may also present in-person to the walk-in clinic to request a same-day session if they prefer. In the event that a crisis and/or in-patient hospital support is required, or if additional referrals are needed, this will be coordinated.

There is no limit to the number of times that clients may access the walk-in counselling clinic. NHH will continue to offer long-term counselling and group support.

“The true benefit of this expanded partnership will be felt by the residents of Northumberland, especially those who are in need of immediate mental health services,” said Susan Walsh, President and CEO. “Through collaborative partnerships, we are continuing to increase mental health resources for individuals who will no longer need to leave their home communities to access these supports. This expansion will continue to ensure that clients are being seen in the right programs at the right time. We will be able to support more people each week and decrease the barriers to accessing necessary mental health supports.”

“This partnership will further improve care for transitional aged youth, helping to keep them connected and engaged in services when moving from the youth system to adult services,” said Nicole Wood, Executive Director, Rebound Child and Youth Services. “Our clients will also benefit from the additional services available to support families through an integrated approach.”

“The Community Health Centres of Northumberland is pleased to enter into this collaboration with NHH Community Mental Health Services to further the great work that has already been established in their walk-in mental health model,” said Taryn Rennicks, Executive Director, Community Health Centres of Northumberland. “CHCN sees this partnership with NHH Community Mental Health Services and Rebound Child & Youth Services as a way to further support Northumberland County residents by expanding walk-in availability for those who have immediate counselling needs.”

For information on the walk-in and counselling: & on the websites of Northumberland Hills Hospital ,Rebound Child and Youth Services, and Community Health Centres of Northumberland.

Important Facts:

-No physician referral is required to access the walk-in clinic.

-Individuals 7 and up are welcome. Youth over the age of 12 will not require parent/guardian consent. Those younger than 12 should be accompanied by a parent.

-Mental Health Commission of Canada reports that mental health problems and illnesses affect more people in Canada than some of the major physical disorders; 1 in 5 experience a mental health problem or illness in any given year, and 70% say symptoms started in childhood.

To speak with a member of NHH’s Community Mental Health Services’ Team about walk-in counselling services, call: 905-377-7784 or see the related FAQ at the

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