From the Archives | A Short History of (Yummy) Pizza

Article by Shirley Stickle

EDVILLE—Who doesn’t love a good pizza pie? I have an almost obsession with pizza to tell you the truth.

On a slightly related note, I have been on a bit of a gratitude kick lately, trying to shed a little light on my life amid this never-ending hoopla we call the world right now, and so I thought to myself, why not explore something I am grateful for this week? And well, pizza is something I am most definitely grateful for.

So, I dug up what I could find about my favourite foods and thought I would give you all a brief little lesson on old Aunt Shirley’s favourite food, pizza.

The invention of pizza did not occur in Canada unfortunately. It started in Naples way back in the day, some say the 18th century, some say the 19th. At any rate, it was made because the Neapolitans needed food that was inexpensive and quick, and easy to eat. And what could be easier than some dough, and tossing on some tomato sauce, cheese, and whatever else they had laying around the house? Well, eventually, people started emigrating to North America to get away from that nasty heat down there in the Mediterranean, and eventually, they even made it past the States and up here to Canada.

Wouldn’t you know that the first place these lovely folks settled here in Canada was our very own Edville. And the town got its very own pizzeria in the 1940s. They had all the classics, Margherita, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, but there was still something missing. So, one day Susan Stickle, my very own grandmother, walked into the joint and suggested perhaps they try some more local flavours.

Now, I know what you are thinking, and I do not even want to hear it, you get your brain outta the gutter.

There is no place on earth where it is okay to put fruit on your pizza, so you never mind that now. No, she suggested venison and gouda and, jeepers, was it ever a hit! Still to this day, you can order a Susan Stickle Special—and I promise you, it is better than any of that Hawaiian pineapple monstrosity, which wasn’t even invented by a Hawaiian.

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