Bailieboro Roundabout Creates Traffic Chaos

Article by Mabel Lean
BAILIEBORO—Round and round I go, where will I stop? Nobody knows. Not even me.

The roundabout. A nod to our British colonial past and a big mistake to all who have the misfortune of driving down Hwy 28.

Whatever happened to the 4-way stop? It used to be so easy (usually, except that one time we were stopped and there were three other cars and everyone kept gesturing to everyone else that they could go … and no one went. We sat there idling and gesturing for a good 10 minutes before one of us had the courage to take charge. Unfortunately, two of us simultaneously mustered that courage and it ended in a car wreck).

The Bailieboro traffic circle (or known locally as the “Terror of 28”) has been the scene of many a near-miss. You have city people flying through it without hesitation (presumably from London) and transport trucks teetering on the brink of disaster as they barrel around. And around.

I plead to the other readers: use caution and good sense. Avoid the Bailieboro traffic circle and its haughty airs.

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