How will you vote this time around?

If you want to mail in your vote, you must request a ballot. Time restrictions in effect.

Article by Valerie MacDonald

Above image: CBC composite of Canadian federal party leaders 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set in motion the race to fill the seats in Canada’s 44th Federal Parliament when he met with the Governor-General on Sunday.

Election Day is Sept. 20.

Many candidates from different parties have already put their hats in the ring and it is no different in Northumberland-Peterborough South where incumbent Tory Philip Lawrence has already been nominated by his party, along with Alison Lester for the local Liberal riding association and Nathan Lang for the local riding of the People’s Party of Canada.

There are no official candidates selected yet for the NDP or Green parties in Northumberland-Peterborough South.

5 Weeks — That’s all

This would be Lawrence’s second term, if successful. He beat out incumbent Liberal riding MP Kim Rudd in the 2019 election held when a Liberal minority government was formed. Earlier this summer, former Liberal member of Parliament, Kim Rudd indicated she was not running due to her health and wanting to spend more time with family.

It is anticipated that questions surrounding vaccinations against COVID-19 will be among the policies talked about by various parties. There has already been criticism about the Liberal’s call for an election as we head into the 4th wave of the pandemic.

At the close of Parliament, the Liberals have 155 House of Commons seats, followed by the Conservatives with 119, the Bloc Quebecois with 32, New Democrats with 24 and 2 for the Green Party, while another 5 seats are held by independent MPs.

Although it is a short election period, Elections Canada says if people want to vote by mail they must request a mail-in ballot by Sept. 14 and it must arrive before the Election Day polls close on Sept. 20. More people may choose this as an alternative to voting in person as the number of variant-drive COVID-19 cases increase.

Watch for local election news on the News Now Network including profiles of the riding candidates and their views on key questions.


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