July 19 & July 26 — a car accident in Port Hope was the initial cause

Customers of Lakefront Utilities Inc. (Lakefront) in the Village of Colborne experienced two recent power outages on July 19 and July 26.

Electricity to the Village of Colborne is provided through one feeder (M16) from Hydro One’s Transfer Station in Port Hope. That power supply flows through two 4.16 KV substations, located on Victoria Street and on Durham Street in Colborne, which are owned by Lakefront Utilities Inc.

On Monday, July 19 at 5:50 PM, there was a power outage caused by a car accident in Hydro One’s service territory. The car accident caused damage to the line, switch and poles supplying power to Lakefront’s Durham Street substation. In response, Lakefront’s crew shifted the load from the Durham substation onto the Victoria substation to temporarily restore power at 8:15 PM to the 500 customers impacted. At 12:45 AM on July 20, all Colborne customers lost power when Hydro One authorized Lakefront to shift the load from Hydro One’s M16 feeder to their M7 feeder at the Port Hope Transfer Station. This was done so that Lakefront could shift their load onto the Durham substation and Hydro One could make necessary repairs to the switch, line and poles which were damaged during the car accident. At approximately 3:30 AM power was restored to all Colborne customers. Lakefront crews worked into the night to monitor the situation and ensure the power supply was stabilized.

At 5:45 PM on Monday, July 26, the breaker tripped on Lakefront’s feeder coming out of the Durham substation. This was due to the substation being overloaded as it was still carrying the extra load from the Victoria substation. After identifying the issue, Lakefront crews isolated a section of the feeder and began to energize customers in a staged method to allow the system time to pick up the higher load in a way that avoided tripping all the customers. At 7:30 PM, Lakefront’s crew sectionalized the feeder to pick up a third of the impacted customers. At 8:10 PM a second section of customers were added to the feeder, and finally, at 8:45 PM the remainder of the customers were added to the feeder, successfully restoring power in Colborne.

“Lakefront would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their patience, support and understanding during the recent outages in Colborne,” commented Dereck Paul, President and CEO of Lakefront Utilities Inc. “We appreciate how inconvenient power outages are for our customers and continue to invest in the local infrastructure to improve the reliability of our system for our customers and to strengthen this community asset.”

Hydro One and Lakefront are still dealing with the damage caused by the July 19th car accident, however, these repairs are not expected to interrupt service for customers of Lakefront Utilities Inc. The Victoria substation is scheduled to be energized by Tuesday, August 3. This will reduce the load on the Durham station and lessen any strain on the local distribution system.

Lakefront Utilities is proud of its achievements as a locally owned utility and remains committed to providing reliable services that contribute to the comfort and safety of the community. Lakefront Utilities Inc.’s reliability statistics continue to exceed industry standards. More information can be found at https://www.lakefrontutilities.com/financial/

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