“We’re trying to come out of our little cocoons and evaluate where we are and where do we go from here”

Article and images by Bill Hornbostel

With Ontario entering Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen, the Colborne Art Gallery has opened its doors to the public with an appropriately named show, “Emerging,” featuring works from all the gallery artists.

Charles Funnell, a member of the artist cooperative, talks about the new show. “It’s what the artists have been up to and how they’re feeling and interpreting their surroundings,” he says.

Some of the art in the new show.

“We’re trying to come out of our little cocoons and evaluate where we are and where do we go from here; everybody has their own way of doing that,” Funnell says. “It’s changed in some ways; some have gotten a lot darker and how they interpreted things,” says Funnell. One piece exemplifying this is Rosann Dolan’s painting In My Corner. “Some felt their palates were getting too dark, and so they were trying to do new work that’s trying to lighten things up again.” On the lighter side are floral images by Eileen Myers and Elizabeth Vercoe.

New Feature at Colborne Art Gallery

Funnell points out a new feature in the gallery, a room with unframed artwork. “These are very current that people are working on,” he says, adding, “They also give the viewer the chance to frame it the way that they would prefer to be framed.”

In addition to the new show, some of the artists’ work is on display through the gallery website. You can contact the gallery by email (link) to purchase artwork, but coming soon will be an option to buy artwork directly through the website.

In the Heritage Room at the Colborne Art Gallery, Heritage Cramahe is currently running the display “It Takes a Village to Build a Village: Colborne Beyond the Keelers,” which includes biographies of some early residents of Cramahe and the impact on the community of changes in transportation, journalism, and fire.

“Emerging” will run until September 12; “It Takes a Village to Build a Village” will run through December.

The Heritage Room

The Colborne Art Gallery is an artists’ cooperative located at 51 King Street East in Colborne, and is open from noon to 4 pm, Thursday to Sunday. For more information about the Colborne Art Gallery, you may visit their Web site, thecolborneartgallery.ca, or call 905-355-1798. You may also follow the gallery on Facebook (@colborneartgallery).

For more information about Heritage Cramahe, you may visit their website, heritagecramahe.ca.


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