5 member board elected for two-year term

Article by Valerie MacDonald

Incumbent Alderville First Nation Band Council Chief Dave Mowat received the most votes in a four-way race to lead a second term at the helm of the Rice Lake area community. 

Voting was completed July 9.

Eighteen people sought council positions on the five-member band board. Incumbent Wes Marsden Sr. was returned together with another incumbent, Jason Marsden, who is entering his second term.

It is a first-term for Sean Crowe and the former two-term chief, Nora Bothwell who is the only woman on the band council during its two-year run.

When contacted by the News Now Network, Mowat said the first order of business will be do to a review of the past two years dominated by the pandemic and the council’s response to it.

“It is important they (new councillors) understand how we dealt with it,” he said.

Dave Mowat

As to other areas of importance, Mowat noted that “we are already engaged in First Nation land management.” Alderville’s “inherent right” of lawmaking under the Indian Act means there are different regulations in place compared to municipalities when it comes to controlling land use and protecting the environment. First Nations have the right and processes to legislate and enforce their own laws. This is a complex process, and not one the greater community is aware of, but it is important to provide this information as a way to “bridge the gaps,” Mowat said.

Asked about the new go-kart operation under construction on County Road 45 in Alderville, the returning chief called it “positive” and a job creator. He said that jobs are important to everybody, and that “Alderville is an economic driver in the region.”

Already, the cannabis trade has increased traffic to Alderville where retail outlets are located along County Road 45.

As to the impact on the U.S./Canada border reopening as pandemic rules change with improving vaccination statistics, Mowat said there has always been a lot of American traffic into Alderville and it would be “interesting” to see what happens in the months going forward.


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