“This funding will continue to support work at the bedside”

Article and images by Bill Hornbostel

Above image:(from the left) Bob Crate, David Piccini, Linda Davis

Northumberland Hills Hospital got a funding boost on July 12.

“I’m proud to announce so $1.497 million increase in funding for Northumberland Hills,” said David Piccini, MPP for Northumberland-Peterborough South, at the press conference on Monday morning. The increase for the 2021-22 budget is a 2.8% higher than for 2020-21.

This increase of funding for NHH is part of the Ontario Government’s additional $1.8 billion investment in hospitals through the 2021 Budget. Of the broader $1.8 billion, Piccini said, “This includes a $778 million investment to meet current and future demands.”

David Piccini

“Since the days when I was first elected, coming from a background in health care, this represents, cumulative since 2017-18, a thirty-one percent increase in funding,” said Piccini to applause from the small crowd. “You deserve it, our hospital deserves it and to meet current and future needs of an ever-growing and vibrant community, our hospital’s got to be there.”

Northumberland County Warden Bob Crate thanked both Piccini and retiring NHH President and CEO Linda Davis for their work and spoke about what additional money means for residents of the county. “The health of local hospital operations is vital to the very health and wellbeing of our rural community,” he said. “COVID-19 has further underscored this fact with Northumberland residents turning to our hospitals and medical professionals for leadership, assurance and for rock-reliable, high-quality care when needed throughout the global pandemic.”

Bob Crate

“This funding will deliver a meaningful impact in Northumberland Hills Hospital, enabling them to address increasing demands for a growing and ageing community, and to foster the necessary agility to pivot quickly in order to meet unanticipated needs as we head over the last year and a half.”

Davis spoke about the partnership between the province, the hospital, and the community. “This is a joint effort, and today is really a testimony to how the province continues to support health care close to home,” she said. “I really need to thank the staff and physicians of NHH, and of course the board; you’ve been stellar in supporting this organization.”

Davis talked about how NHH has been operating beyond its original design. “Our community is growing; this hospital is growing. It was built for 137 beds; during COVID, we were operating 140… or maybe even more,” she said. “We’ve had to open those beds, we’ve had to hire staff, and we will continue to hire staff, so this funding will continue to support work at the bedside.”

More specifically, Davis added, “It’s to provide the nursing staff, the housekeeping staff, provide all of the supplies… This is operational funding.”

On a parting note, Davis said, “I couldn’t be more proud of ending my career, than ending it at NHH to such a great team, such a great community and support, great municipal support, and certainly provincial support as well.”

Linda Davis

Northumberland Hills Hospital is located at 1000 DePalma Drive in Cobourg. For more information about Northumberland Hills Hospital, you may visit their website, https://nhh.ca/, or call 905-372-6811. You may also follow them on Facebook (@northumberlandhillshosp) or Twitter (@NorHillsHosp).


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