Parliament passed MP Philip Lawrence’s Bill exempting farmers from carbon tax

The House of Commons passed Bill C-206 recently, an Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (qualifying farming fuel).

This legislation, introduced by MP for Northumberland Peterborough- South Conservative Shadow Minister for National Revenue, Philip Lawrence, will exempt farmers from paying the carbon tax on natural gas and propane used for farming operations.

Canadian farmers are subject to global pricing, and additional costs like the Carbon Tax.

From the beginning, Canada’s Conservatives have said the tax on carbon takes money from farmers’ pockets. By exempting farm fuels from the carbon tax, Canadian farmers will save $250 million over the next four years.

“From unpredictable weather conditions to global trade wars, our farmers face many challenges beyond their control,” said Lawrence. “This legislation is a necessary change for our farmers and producers.”

Bill C-206 provides farmers with relief from the tax by extending the current exemption to include natural gas and propane. This is a crucial change, as these fuels are essential to their operations and they simply have no other options.

“I’m disappointed to see Liberal MPs vote against saving our agricultural sector $250 million over the next four years,” said Lawrence. “Conservatives will always stand with our farmers, producers, and agricultural workers across Canada.”

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