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Local artists, Photographers, Writers Showcase their Work

…in a Spirit of the Hills Virtual Competition

Article by Sue Dickens

Northumberland – Spirit of the Hills Arts Association is hosting an event with a virtual contest format to give their artists, photographers and writers an opportunity to showcase their talents.

The contest allows the public to vote on their work, giving them the chance to show their appreciation of local artists and their creative efforts. The contest is open for voting until July 1st.

There are 6 contests – 3 visual art categories and 3 writing categories.

“Picture the Possibility” which serves visual artists, includes Fine Art, Photography and and three dimensional work.

“Winning Words” which serves writers, includes Fiction, Non Fiction and Poetry.

President of Spirit of the Hills Alan Langford outlines the process and explains why this competition is important for visual artists and writers…and for the public too.

“Our mission as Spirit of the Hills is to promote our members. In the pandemic we’ve had many who are selling less and all of our physical exhibitions in the local libraries and our shows, book fairs and everything else we normally do are severely limited,” he said.

“We’ve been looking for ways to get the word out and try to promote our members and see if we can at least offer some encouragement.”

He added, “Over the past year we’ve done three online shows and they’ve been relatively successful but there hasn’t been a lot of traffic to the site…so we hope this competition will change things in a positive way.”

Langford noted, “What we’re hoping at the very least is that our members say ‘hey look, people will get to see what I’m doing’, even if they aren’t able to buy right now.”

The pandemic has affected so many and those in the creative arts need a way to bring their work to the attention of everyone…and the contest format gives them a chance for input by their peers and the public.

And it seems to be working.

“We’ve had 10 times the traffic on our site since we opened the contest for voting,” said Langford.

“Credit goes to Susan Statham is past president of the Spirit of the Hills and current president of the Cobourg Art Club, for all her work in putting this together,” he added. You can learn more about Statham at: https://spiritofthehills.org/project/susan-statham-artist/

Now that the contest is up and running, people can show their appreciation and can vote multiple times, Langford explains.

“All anyone has to do is just click on the categories to visit each component of the contest and vote for any work of art (participants can vote for themselves too), but only one vote is allowed per work of art, per computer.  Votes that do not conform with these rules will not be counted. There are entries from more than 30 members to choose from.”

The members who are participating have their entries posted online for easy access.

“What we’re doing is trying to drum up exposure for our latest online shows and competition, which you can see here at: https://spiritofthehills.org/two-new-online-events-for-2021/ . There’s lots to draw from there in terms of images and written work,” said Langford.

He is hoping that this virtual event will draw a lot of the members and the general public who need to see just what a great source of creative talent we have in Northumberland.

Another benefit of showcasing the participants is that it may spark some interest among the many creatives who live in Northumberland who are not members to join Spirit of the Hills.

Participants must be Spirit of the Hills members to enter shows and contests.

“It’s a tough time for everyone as the pandemic continues so maybe this will encourage our artists to renew their membership and encourage new ones to come on board.”

To enter the competition go to: https://spiritofthehills.org/two-new-online-events-for-2021/

To learn more about Spirit of the Hills go to: https://spiritofthehills.org/

To learn all about the benefits of joining the organization go to: https://spiritofthehills.org/become-a-member/


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