Yet Another Cherished Rural Tradition Under Threat

Article by Holly Honeychurch

CONSECON—Well, one Saturday last July, when the pandemic had us all locked in its grip, isolated and downhearted, Mr. Honeychurch and I took all the little Honeychurches down to the Consecon fry truck for a tasty snack. Before Covid, that used to be a routine outing—entirely unremarkable, in fact. But under lockdown conditions, taking half a day to meander down to the County to enjoy the best fries in the province was a joy to be savoured —like a trip to Paris, but without the condescension.

And it’s not just the Honeychurch clan. Consecon is a tiny and mostly unknown little hamlet, much like Edville. But when you head down of a sunny summer’s afternoon, well, you’ve got lineups at the truck window, and minivans, and Harleys, and convertibles, and bicycles parked as far as the eye can see. And everyone’s having a gay old time, munching their fries and social distancing, just glad to be out of the house for a time.

But now! If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

This week the financial papers are in a mad panic because—and I’m quoting here—“a global shortage of chips that has rattled production lines at car companies and squeezed stockpiles at gadget makers is now leaving home appliance makers unable to meet demand.”

Well, I really have no idea where car companies, and gadget makers, and appliance makers get their chips, but I have to assume that, come lunchtime, they head out to their local chip trucks—just as we do. And why wouldn’t they? What’s better than a little fresh air and a generous helping of poutine to brighten up the dreary routine of factory life?

That nice Mr. Ford down at Queen’s Park still doesn’t answer my calls, and no doubt he’s very busy, poor man. But I surely hope he’s paying attention. Because if the global chip shortage means the famous Consecon truck and hundreds of others just like it are shuttered, he can kiss the rural vote goodbye, I’m afraid.

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